• Understand the Java and IDE Downloads/Installs we will use in CPSC 220
  • You should download Java JDK and BlueJ immediately
  • Required Downloads

    CPSC 220 uses Java 8 and two Interactive Development Environments: BlueJ and Netbeans. We begin with BlueJ, which is a simple, easy-to-use IDE. BlueJ allows students to see the relationship between classes. BlueJ also forces students to understand the fact that Java must first be compiled into byte code prior to executing. BlueJ also has the Codepad, which allows students to type Java code in a terminal. This feature is great for early exploring of Java. I still use the Blue Codepad whenever I have a question as to exactly what Java does. BlueJ can be a bit of a nuisance as you have to discover compile errors one at at time; however, our early programs are not lengthy. We will use BlueJ for approximately the first 5 weeks of the class. After five weeks, we shift to the Netbeans IDE, which is a full-flavored IDE used by many professionals. Netbeans has more features than I understand. Netbeans shows you compile errors as you type. Netbeans also suggests code for you, which sometimes is not the code you desire.

    Download and Install the BlueJ and Java 8

    Follow the instructions at the following link to install BlueJ. You will have to select the correct OS, which Windows, Mac OS X, or some flaovor of Linux.


    This web-site downloads both BlueJ and Java 8 JDK, but the JDK is installed for BlueJ not for Netbeans.

    For my Mac, BlueJ is simply a file in a folder that I double click to run.

    Download and Install Netbeans and Java 8

    There are two ways to accomplish this. Download them together and download them separately.

    The following link has the ability to download JDK 8 by itself or a bundle of Netbeans and JDK 8. The bundle is probably simplest; however, I downloaded them separately.

    Java JDK

    The bundle does not support a 32-bit Windows. I doubt anyone has a 32-bit Windows, but if you do, you will have to download separately.

    You have to accept the Oracle License Agreement.

    If you download the JDK 8 and Netbeans separately, use the following link for Netbeans. You want to select Netbeans for Java SE. You should select the latest version. You will have to select the OS (Mac OS or Windows) using the platform pull-down menu.