• Understand the general schedule of CPSC 220
  • CPSC 220 General Schedule

    This WebBook is the UMW CSPC 220 course as taught by Gusty Cooper. CPSC 220 is a CS2 course. Each professor at UMW teaches CPSC 220 in their own style, which means the order of material may be different.

    The WebBook contains everything we study. Each expandable selection in the Textbook Sidebar is a module. We cover the modules in order from top-to-bottom. Within a module, you read each section from top-to-bottom. Each module has a correspoinding lab. A rough schedule of the Textbook modules is provided in the following discussion. The general rule is that Labs are to be completed by Wednesday at midnight the week after a module is studied. Canvas contains the detailed schedule and due dates of readings and programming assignments.

    The following are the core programming modules, during which you learn the essential problem solving and programming techniques for this course. You will be tested on all of the programming techniques covered in these modules.

    The following module covers graphics, which are fun, but somewhat complex in Java. Tests will ask general questions about graphics. You will not have to program graphics on tests.

    The following module covers Big O, recursion, searching, and sorting. You will have to solve recursive programming problems on tests. You will have to program linear searching on tests. Tests will ask general questions on Big O, searching and sorting. You will not have to program binary searching and the various sorting algorithms we study.