• Understand the grand goal of the the course.
  • CPSC 220 - Grand Goal

    The grand goal of CPSC 220 is for you to become competent solving introductory computer science problems in Java. At the end of CPSC 220, you should be able to do the following.

    • read a problem specification, written in English
    • understand the problem
    • ask questions to better understand the problem
    • rewrite portions of the problem to reflect your understanding
    • design algorithms and data structures needed to solve the problem
    • desing and create test cases to test your program
    • implement the Java code for your design
    • execute your test cases against your code
    • compare the expected output of your program to that generated by your test cases
    • debug your code so that it successfully solves the problem

    Example Problem Specification

    Your friend is starting a small business that will have between 4 and 7 employees. The employees will work part time from home using their phones and computers. The amount of hours each week will fluctuate between 0 and 29. Each employee will potentially work a different number of hours per week. Each employee will potentially have a different hourly rate for their pay. At the end of each day, each employee will email my friend with the number of hours they worked that day. My friend will pay each employee at the end of the month. Write a program that allows my friend to

    • Enter the hours of each employee each day
    • Determine the pay for each employee at the end of each month