• Understand all of the topics we will study in the Introduction Module.
  • Intro and 1st Program Module Overview

    The Introduction module is primarily concerned with concepts and not programming; however, we do write our first programs in this module. The Introduction section defines the basic components of computers science. After completing this section, you should understand the following concepts.

    • information
    • computers
    • input and output
    • CPU, RAM, and secondary memory
    • problems and problem solving
    • algorithms and data structures
    • programs
    • representing numbers and characters in computers
    • primitive types
    • IDEs, compiling, and interpreting
    • assembly and byte code
    • software development process

    The Introduction Section does include some elementary programs, including a few programming problem solving patterns.

    • Main Program Pattern
    • Input Pattern
    • Output Pattern

    Intro and 1st Program Lab

    The overview lab for this module is Intro and 1st Programs Lab Overview