• Understand classes can be defined without methods.
  • Class without Methods

    In Simple Objects all of our classes contained instance variables, constructors, and instance methods. We can define a class that only contains instance variables. In doing this, the instance variables must be public in order for those using the type to access the instance variables. Suppose I want to manipulate the name and age of people, but I do not want methods. I can do this with a class defining a Person type that has two public instance variables, name and age. I do not need to include a constructor. Java provides a default constructor allocates a Person and assigns 0 and ```null`` to the instance variables. The following demonstrates this technique.

    public class Person {
       public String name;
       public int age;
    public static void main(String[] args) {
       Person p = new Person();
       p.name = "Gusty"
       p.age = 22;
       Person q = new Person();
       q.name = "Coletta";
       q.age = 2;
       if (p.age > 21)
          System.out.println(p.name + " can drink wine.");
       Person r = q;
       System.out.println(r.name + " is " + r.age + " years old.");
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