Jeckyll Doc Theme 5.0

Tom Johnson created the Jeckyll Documentation Theme 5.0, which I have used to construct this site.

The sidebar provides a link to Tom's site.

Javanotes 7.0

David Eck created the Javanote 7.0 site, which can be used to augment your study of Java.

I have selectively used words from David's book, which is ok, since his site uses the Creative Commons license.

The sidebar provides a link to David's site.

Udacity Java

The Udacity Java course is quite good. You can take it for free. Several of the problems in the labs are rendidtions of problems from the Udacity Java course.

Cay Horstmann, Sara Tansey, and Cheng-Han Lee are the instructors of the course.

The sidebar provides a link to the Udacity Java course.

UMW CPSC Professors

I consulted with the UMW CPSC Professors when creating the class. I cite specific information that I use from their classes.

  • Karen Anewalt
  • Jeanne Campbell
  • Stephen Davies
  • Ian Finlayson
  • Andrew Marshall
  • Jennifer Polack
  • Ron Zacharski